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4 Natural Tips For Managing Bad Cholesterol

4 Natural Tips For Managing Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol, the waxy material produced by liver that protects our nerves, makes hormones and produces blood cells. Therefore, it’s imperative for human body. However, too much of it can reversely harm the body in m any ways. Too much cholesterol may lead to severe heath problems like heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. If you’ve got the problem of high cholesterol, your doctor might’ve advised exercise, good eating habits and medication etc. But there’re several other things too that you can do to keep high cholesterol away. And those things don’tRead More

6 Tips For Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

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In today’s super fast lifestyle we often don’t get time for ourselves. We stick to a fad diet and fitness routine, which ultimately makes us obese or overweight. We also don’t keep a tab on activities that help us in losing weight. Some times we think about joining dance classes or taking our dinner at 6:00 PM, but most of the time we just don’t stick to any of these schedules. However, it’s not our fault actually. It’s the fault of today’s busy routines that keep us busy throughout theRead More

Weight Loss and Simple Home Remedies

Weight Loss and Simple Home Remedies

Being obese in today’s time is one of the biggest threat. Many obese people are non-intentionally vulnerable to many diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, other cardiovascular diseases, paralysis and gangrene. Hence many physicians advice to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced weight. Ayurveda teaches several ways to reduce one’s weight. Ayurveda does not believe in chemicals. Just like it treats other disease without any chemicals it helps you shed the weight in the same way. It stresses on making a person follow a healthier lifestyle. This articleRead More

Beating the bulge: Tips on losing weight

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  A computer programmer once told me that of all the difficult projects that he had to handle, the toughest was his weight loss project. Cheesy, I admit, but he had a point. When you are battling the bulge, there will be days when you can barely leave your bed, let alone going for a jog, which is where these tips on losing weight come in. Eat three full meals every day. Plenty of people believe that skipping meals is one way to lose weight. That, according to nutritionist NatalieRead More

#MythBreaker: For sexy abs, i must workout heavily V/s abs are made in kitchen

#MythBreaker: For sexy abs, i must workout heavily V/s abs are made in kitchen

For the budding as well as established body trainers in the gym, it is a common myth that has reached the youth of today that to get sexy abs, one must work out heavily in the gym. Working out in the gym can definitely give an edge to your muscles and bones, but ultimately it is the basic act of eating the right kind of food which will aid in the development of your body. Remember the old times? When there were hardly any modernized gym or arena for exercising,Read More

Weight Loss methods that you should never try

weight loss methods you should never try

Almost everyone is trying to shed few extra kilos by adopting any method they can think of. Some would prefer to diet, some would not eat at all and others would go for rigorous body training methods, just to look in shape. It is a good effort to stay in shape, but if it is done at the cost of adopting the bizarre weight loss tips, then you must not do it because ultimately you are causing a serious damage to the body parts and organs. This can make yourRead More

10 Ways To Lose Your Weight Effortlessly

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If you are under the impression of losing weight by following a strict diet plan, you are highly off the track. Full fledged dieting springs up with certain kickbacks that escape essential nutrition to enter into your body. Rather you must follow a healthy diet where you get all the required nutrition and charm on your face. Apart from a healthy diet, there are few other calorie-burning techniques that will make you look glam while letting you paint the town.   Playing Sports: If you are passionate about playing outdoorRead More

How To Reduce Weight Healthy And Happily

How To Reduce Weight Healthy And Happily

In the wake of having a graceful figure and glow on your face, it is essential to be fit. People having stout figures crave to get back in shape by incorporating all means ranging from sturdy exercises to strict dieting. But after a certain point of time this action of yours delves into a struggle for you and you might feel apprehensive towards continuing it. As a result, you will feel greatly demotivated and tend to lose hope.   Here are few tips of reducing weight healthy while retaining yourRead More

 Bidding Goodbye to Office-Fat

Weight loss ideas for office

With the onset of the corporate culture, the 9-5 office hour came to be defined not by the erstwhile benchmark of how many hours have been spent slogging, sweating, running and consequently panting at the end of it, but the amount of hours one spends sitting at their desk, hunched over paperwork or tapping away without a care on a keyboard. The more office hours you put in the more benefits you reap but indirectly it comes at a price. This can be countered with the help of a fewRead More