Pets and happiness

Pets and happiness

Some people do not like to have pets in their houses for several reasons. They believe that they will leave the house untidy by dropping hairs every where or the pets may create bad smell all the time and above all, these pets are to be constantly kept under vigilance and periodical health check up is also felt essential. But, on the persistence of their children, many of the family heads get either a dog or a cat to be grown as a pet of the family. As soon asRead More

Experience True Happiness by Watching some Top Movies #list

Experience True Happiness by Watching some Top Movies list

Do you think that watching movies will make us really happy? It all depends upon the mood of the individuals and some may feel happy by watching horror movies or comedy movies or adventurous films or love stories or other types of films. In general, there are some movies, which are all time great and which will bring happiness in you as and when you watch them.   Films that make you Happy: The following is a collection of films that may make you feel happy by watching them. SomeRead More

Those Happy Moments in Every One’s Life 

Moments of happiness

Real happiness depends on the mind set of the individuals. There are several moments in one’s life to derive happiness. Let us see some of them in the following paragraphs. Exercising: It is always essential to keep your body fit to lead a healthy life. For this purpose devote a minimum of 20 minutes on exercises and workouts, which can be performed at home and not necessarily at a gym. These exercises will bring happiness in you and will be a great factor for your well being. Sleep Well: ARead More

Definition of Happiness

happiness definition

You might have wished to be happy for ever. Have you ever thought of the real meaning of happiness? Having fun at a party, excitement of new experiences, delights of a dinner and the like are surely wonderful experiences and bring pleasures to us, but they do not bring the real happiness in us. These experiences are like passing clouds and you must know happiness is not the same as pleasure. In fact, happiness comes to you when you feel satisfied and full filled. When your needs are achieved, itRead More

How to be happy when you are sad?

How to be happy when you are sad?

Every one will face the occasion in his/her life to feel sad and the basic reasons for sadness may range from failure in examinations, failure in getting the right appointment, death of the beloved and the like. It is also not easy to recover from the sadness and you have to make the people to feel happy, who are sad at present. The man or woman, who is sad, can recover from that mood slowly by following the below given steps and the people around him/her can also help changeRead More

How to inspire people to be happy?

Inspire others to be happy

When you are trying to inspire some one to be happy, you must set an example of yourself. You must believe in yourself to begin with. If you want to bring an inspiration to some people and make them feel happy, here are a few tips to be followed. If you seem fake and insincere, no one will draw inspiration from you to become happy. You must make them believe that you are true to your sayings. You must follow the advice, which you teach others. The best way toRead More

Marry someone and be happy- Not the other way round

Marry someone and be happy- Not the other way round

“Marriages are made in Heaven” is a famous proverb. In reality, marriages are either arranged or love based. It is also not true that arranged marriages end in successful life or love marriages fail. It all depends on the mind set of the people and mutual understanding and adopting give and take policy. It is also true that married couples encounter conflicts and quarrels in their day to day life. However they can be sorted out among themselves or with the help of the elders in the family. Rewind theRead More

Quotes about happiness are not merely sayings they are experiences

Mahatma Gandhi quotes-Happiness-Daily health tips

Quotes are the real life experiences of legends who give us their valuable words of wisdom and make us aware of the possibilities in our path. Happiness which every human being seeks to find in life, happiness which is the very essence of a man is something that is inseparable from his entity.  Some of the quotes are real life experiences of ordinary human beings. For instance, in the famous book and film, “Into the Wild” – traveler Christopher McCandles who embarks a solo journey of travelling to Alaska, ultimatelyRead More

Best Happiness quotes of all time

Best Happiness quotes of all time. Daily health tips

Words have the power to evoke strong sentiments in us. They bring out the best and the worst in us. Above all, they inspire us to change our mindset and lead us to a life of new profound thoughts. They imbibe the wisdom in us to look at life from a new perspective. Above all, these happiness quotes will give you the much needed determination to organize your life in a better fashion. Here are some of the most touching quotes on happiness: Love is that condition in which theRead More

How to rid yourself of a Grudge

rid yourself of a grudge-daily haelth tips

Harboring a grudge is like walking around with a pain in the neck. It never really goes regardless of the remedy, until one day you simply locate the lifestyle habit causing the pain and stop it. Life is like a cycle of endless ups and downs. Sometimes you may encounter problems at work, within family and friends. There is nothing however as bad as a problem being caused by individuals attributed to these three categories. The hurt and pain arising from a sense of betrayal can force you into depressionRead More