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What Is A Mantra?

Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming components of our daily lives that we may not realize are pervading our thoughts and can feel impossible to overcome. For centuries, Buddhist and Hindu practitioners have used mantras – a repeated rhythmic phrase – in meditation to calm the mind through drawing all focus to the chant. One of the most universally practiced and long-established mental exercises, mantra meditation can be an incredibly effective method for relieving stress.  

How Does Mantra Meditation Calm The Mind?

In a recent study it was found mantra meditation can generate a reduction in activity in the cerebral cortex – the largest part of the brain that controls senses, thoughts, and movements.The reduction is found to impact mostly the default network of intrinsic, self-related processes.

The default network of the brain is also referred to as the “busy mind” and is the generator of wandering thoughts about your past, present and future – often anxious thoughts. The gentle reduction in activity in this network gives the mind a break from overwhelming thought processes, which can also lead to whole body relaxation.

In simple terms, when you are stressed, this is a physical and chemical reaction to a perceived threat. By talking to yourself in a gentle, positive way you can help your body understand the ‘threat’ has passed and help the relaxation response kick-in.

Use An Ancient Mantra For Relaxation and Clarity

One of the most well known sounds associated with mantra meditation is OM, it’s also the most well used due to its simplicity. OM, pronounced “aum” is a Sanskrit syllable considered a sacred primordial sound common to Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. Chanting OM mantra has been found to cause stabilization of the brain through rhythm and vibration which is said to lead to harmonization of our systems including heartbeat and breathing.

Modern Stress-Busting Mantras

Selecting a word or series of words that resonates with you, and repeating it in the form of a mantra helps to affirm the meaning of the words and allows you to influence your subconscious to shift negative habits into positive habits. Having some go-to phrases in your stress-busting tool kit can make a huge difference in controlling stress and negativity.

Here are some of our favorite stress-busting mantras:

  1. I can control my stress response and I choose not to let it overwhelm me.
  2. Even though I feel stressed, I love and respect myself.
  3. Breathe in, breathe out, slow it down.
  4. Not everything has to be perfect, I have done enough.
  5. I am grateful for …
  6. I will approach all situations with peace and love.
  7. Peace and serenity are within reach.
  8. All experiences are opportunities to learn.

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