July, 2017


Try @ Home The Hip Hop Yoga Playlist

Rick Ross and Yoga is an unlikely combination, but for Beth Cooke, it’s just another day in the office. “It’s like how you lose yourself in dance, you lose yourself on the mat.” A former dancer, Cooke is now a yoga instructor for a Brooklyn-born studio called Y7. Three years young, Y7 specializes in hip-hop yoga classes. With the latest tunes, participants indulge in a heated infra-red sauna style 60-minute sweat sesh in a dark room. Cooke is one of the many “Y7 artists” sprinkled across the country in studios locatedRead More

To Fall Asleep Anywhere In 5 Minutes or Less in 5 Ways

Tune Out Just as bright lights distract us from falling asleep, noise is another major stimulus that stops us from snoozing (and can be downright irritating when you’re tired!)  Invest in some soft, ‘sleep’ headphones – these are padded, super comfortable and tend to do a better job of blocking out distracting sounds. Even better, play some soothing music, meditations or nature sounds to really zen it up. Helpful Herbs To Use On-The-Go It’s pretty well known that a warm herbal brew of chamomile tea will help us get toRead More

Turmeric & Milk

This is the most souped up turmeric milk recipe you’ll come across. It’s not for the faint of heart or white of surfaces as it involves fresh turmeric. If you haven’t used it before; it dyes everything yellow. So be very cautious about what you choose to use to make this, as it could ruin a lot of things, including your clothing. When it comes to turmeric, fresh really is best. They’ve done the studies to prove it. Almond milk and coconut oil help improve the absorption of the turmeric as itRead More

Stress Relief Mantras @ 8

What Is A Mantra? Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming components of our daily lives that we may not realize are pervading our thoughts and can feel impossible to overcome. For centuries, Buddhist and Hindu practitioners have used mantras – a repeated rhythmic phrase – in meditation to calm the mind through drawing all focus to the chant. One of the most universally practiced and long-established mental exercises, mantra meditation can be an incredibly effective method for relieving stress.   How Does Mantra Meditation Calm The Mind? In a recent study itRead More