Monday, December 8th, 2014


Alcohol abuse – Symptoms and Causes

Alcohol abuse - Symptoms and Causes

Anything in excess is bad, especially a highly addictive thing like alcohol. Occasional drinking in social gatherings, marriage functions, and parties is a new normal in today’s society. But, consuming alcohol to that extent that it would start affecting your personal and professional life in a negative way is alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is one of the most prevalent mental illness that affects people of all ages, gender, life style and region across the world. There is a very thin line between acceptable use of alcohol and alcohol abuse andRead More

Healthy Spinach Soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Healthy Spinach Soup #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Spinach is one of the most wonderful green leafy vegetable often recommended by doctors for its special nutrient value. It is full of nutrients, antioxidants and very good for people who lack iron in body. Even for pregnant ladies, spinach is most recommended vegetable. In fact people who lack hemoglobin in their blood, regular intake of spinach can bring it back to normal. From health perspective it’s very less in calories too. Spinach has calorie value of only 23 calories. It has good amount of fibre in it that’s againRead More