December, 2014


6 Tips For Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

Lose weight faster

In today’s super fast lifestyle we often don’t get time for ourselves. We stick to a fad diet and fitness routine, which ultimately makes us obese or overweight. We also don’t keep a tab on activities that help us in losing weight. Some times we think about joining dance classes or taking our dinner at 6:00 PM, but most of the time we just don’t stick to any of these schedules. However, it’s not our fault actually. It’s the fault of today’s busy routines that keep us busy throughout theRead More

Scabies: What Is it And How to Prevent It?

Scabies: What Is it And How to Prevent It?

It has been reported that each year 300 million people suffer from a disease known as Scabies. It’s a highly contagious and itchy skin disease that spreads by small species of mite. Scabies mites are very tiny eight-legged parasites. They can not fly and jump, but they can crawl. They are only 0.3-0.4mm long, and can only be seen with the help of either a microscope or a magnifying glass. A severe itch is the primary symptom of this disease. The disease causes intense itching and is commonly transferred duringRead More

5 Rich And Healthy Facts About Avocados

5 Rich And Healthy Facts About Avocados

Creamy, rich and flavorful Avocados are much more than a nutritional ingredient in guacamole. Those shiny, green and fat-rich fruits can serve as great nutritional powerhouses for your diet, especially if you want to add fat to your diet plan. Given below are some amazing facts about this versatile must-have for your kitchen: 1. Avocados are fruits: First of all I want to break a common myth that most people keep in their mind – Avocados aren’t vegetables. Yep, regardless of their green looks and vegetable like appearance they haveRead More

How to Build and Strengthen Your Lower Body Muscles With Squats

Lower body muscles exercises

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a body builder or not, being human it’s a necessity for you to be strong enough for avoiding pain and injuries that take place as our muscles become weaker with ageing. And that’s the point which makes regular exercise an important part of our lives. There’re hundreds of exercises out there in the world, but in this article we’ll focus primarily on squats. When it comes to squats as an exercising technique, many people think that they’re good for hips development only. However, that’s notRead More

Three Steps For Choosing The Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow

A pillow can give you much more than an incomplete sleep if not chosen carefully. If it fails in providing proper rest to your body, the results may be restless nights; neck pain, back pain and various other spine related problems. Now the question comes how to choose the right one from competitive ranges out in the market. Well, given below are a few steps for answering this question. Basically there are 3 characteristics you should consider: 1. A design that keeps the spine in alignment: When you go toRead More

Alcoholism: Symptoms and Causes

Alcoholism sysmptoms - daily - health - tips

Occasional consumption of alcoholic drinks or consumption of alcohol in social gatherings is a very common thing these days. But, it would create a lot of problems when this occasional habit becomes a regular one with quantity of alcohol consumption increasing steeply. Alcoholism or Alcohol dependence or Alcohol addiction are nothing but the condition where the amount of alcohol consumption would go beyond the limit of light to moderate level and more importantly, there would be a gradual increase in alcohol consumption with time. Alcoholism not only harms the individualRead More

Bring Some Benefit to Your Body With Proper Push-Up Techniques

Push Ups

There is no need for gym or any particular type of equipment, space or weather condition to be able to perform good, old push-ups. All you need is yourself and your body to do the exercises, as well as some willingness, and the picture of what you want to do with your body in your mind. There’re several benefits associated with this amazing exercise. Some major ones are given below: • When you do push-ups, you activate the muscles of your biceps and triceps. After that you start empowering them,Read More

Alcohol detox program #GetBackToLife

Alcohol detox program

Alcohol detox program is a step towards recovery of a person from alcoholism. Generally, alcohol detox program would be a medically supervised program. The duration of the program would depend on several factors like support from family, severity of the problem and will power of the individual. Need of medical supervision during detoxification It is very important that medical help should be taken for alcohol detox program because: • Alcohol is highly addictive in nature and once a person would stop taking alcohol. Then there would be some serious withdrawalRead More

Healthy Bean Capsicum salad #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Healthy Bean Capsicum salad #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

This recipe is extremely rich in proteins with addition of kidney beans (rajma) and white chick peas (Kabuli chana). Both these ingredients are extremely rich in proteins thus helping everyone to have high intake of proteins. This dish will also be quite filling and thus if you replace this with your dinner or lunch, it’s still good to go as nothing else can be as nutritious as this. This is also a perfect meals pre or post workout. Why have additional protein shake or synthetic form of proteins when youRead More

Most people will find this article surprising about Anemia.

Most people will find this article surprising about Anemia.

Anemia is a medical condition that refers to lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin in blood than normal level. Red blood cells along with hemoglobin carry out the important function of transportation of oxygen to various parts of human body. Hence, lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin simply means the lack of oxygen in your body parts. This low supply of oxygen in body cells would create a whole lot of complications. Men would be diagnosed with anemia if hemoglobin level is less than 13.5 gms/100 ml andRead More