September, 2014


Snore too much?…Learn how to stop snoring when you sleep

Stop snoring while sleeping-Learn how-Daily health tips

Snoring is very common problem and can affect you in ways you don’t expect. It can hamper relationships as it often disturbs healthy life of your partner by disturbing his/her sleep.  In some extreme cases couples have gone ahead and got divorced due to problems aggravated by snoring. There are various medical and surgical options available and based on different age and health parameters it may have helped people. However, there are simpler and natural ways to get a relief. Aromatherapy : Essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus through steamRead More

Most affordable Health Insurance plans

Health insurance tips-Daily health tips

It can be a daunting task for the health seeker to look for an affordable Health Insurance plans in America. However, it is not an impossible one to achieve.  There are certain things to take into consideration while buying the health plans that you are looking for – a health plan which is within your budget and provides the utility factor that you are looking for. Consider “cost sharing” expenses: Majority of consumers are focused on premiums, but the cost sharing expenses can vary from plan to plan.  For individuals,Read More

Heart health tips to keep you loving always

health tips for heart

A healthy lifestyle results in better functioning of the heart.  The heart constitutes to be one of the major organs in the body. Lack of proper lifestyle which is driven by a stressful life, compels individuals to get prone to the risk of developing a heart disease. Nowadays, even youngsters at an early age are suffering from heart disease. Therefore, if one doesn’t take proper measures to protect the heart, it can be very difficult for the person to stay healthy in the long run. Here are some of theRead More

Health Tips for new mothers and pregnant ladies

Pregnancy tips for new mothers-health tip for pregnant mothers

The time of pregnancy holds to be one of the most crucial and life changing experience for a woman, where she dawns the role of a “to be mother” to the child.  As a pregnant woman, it can be an empowering feeling to give birth to a new born baby. You can enjoy your pregnancy by following certain tips to enjoy being a mother to the new born child. Eat a well planned out balanced diet meals each day: You can enjoy nourishing and taking care of yourself during theRead More

Keep your hair healthy, they don’t grow back easily

Hairfall control-Daily Health Tips-Healthideas

It is a given fact that on an everyday basis, your hair is exposed to more dirt and pollution than your entire body. Taking care of health is essential in today’s time because the water used to wash hair is also impure in today’s time of growing water pollution and dust in the external world. So if you do not want to suffer from hair loss or hair allergy, here are some of the tips that you can undertake to protect your hair. The following tips applies to both menRead More

Keep your kidneys clean and healthy

Keep your kidneys clean and healthy-HealthIdeas-Tips

Kidneys play a vital role in the regulations and functions of the body. Our body is 60% of water where there is water in the cells, the organs, the bloodstream. The kidneys perform the task of controlling the acidic balance of the body. The kidneys produce about two liters of urine every day, apart from releasing toxic elements like mercury, cadmium, lead etc on an everyday basis. They also maintain the task of regulating the blood pressure and electrolyte balance of the body. With such vital tasks given to theRead More

Health Myths for Women

The consumer on an everyday basis gets exposed to a plethora of information on an everyday basis. When it comes to health, the information sometimes gets exaggerated and breeds a sense of fear and anxiety among the reader, which in turn gives birth to many unhealthy ways of living. So in case, you want to know the absolute truth in relation to good health, you must reject the common myths which aim to target the women population all over the world. Women do not require additional nutrients intake in theRead More

Getting to know World Health Organization – WHO

About world health organization

Established on 7th April 1948, World Health Organization is concerned with international public health. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established with the idea of supporting those in need of medical assistance. Since its inception, the WHO has played a major role in the eradication of smallpox. The health organization is currently concerned with the eradication of communicable diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS. Objective of WHO The objective of Who “is the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health”. The esteemed organization provides forRead More

Health Myths for Men

Man's health myths

There are various myths surrounding the health-care of men. Not anyone is an expert on health and there are those who claim to delude the health seeker with false ideas of health, hence, resulting in the development of fear and anxiety among men which results in unhealthy ways of living. Here are some of the common myths associated with healthy living. Only Old Men suffer from Prostate Cancer: It is true that men at the age of 65 or older have higher chances of developing the risk of Prostate cancerRead More

Top health insurance providers in the world

Top Health insurance providers in the world

In today’s world of prevailing ill-health, it has become mandatory for individuals to invest their money, trust and time with good health insurance companies of the world. You do not have to go around hunting for the trustworthy company, because we have a list of some of the best health insurance providers of the world which can help you take the wise decision of buying the ideal health insurance package. Here are some of the health insurance providers, which you can depend on: WellPoint,Inc: Chaired by Angela F.Brady, Wellpoint hasRead More