Monday, September 29th, 2014


Top 10 health foods at night

10 healthy night time food-Daily health tips

Do you want a good 7-8 hours sleep?…Have you ever tried a small meal before you sleep off, say around 90 minutes before you head to sleep? Research has shown trends that people who would take a small meal before they sleep, before 1-2 hrs before they sleep are more likely to get a good sleep. Of course results may vary person to person. Just don’t do over eating and create un-necessary situation. A small meal which may consist of following can just do the trick Bananas — They areRead More

Role of good wife in your Pursuit of happiness

role of wife for happiness-Daily health tips

Not necessarily a good wife, but a good life partner in general can make a significant contribution to your happiness. Society has seen man – woman relationship grow with each and every generation.  There’s a saying that behind every successful man is a woman who supports him in both good and bad times. For a child the woman is the mother, the growing up kid can find the similar bond to share with his sister and a young adolescent lover seeks that support from his lover and when he isRead More