Sunday, September 28th, 2014


Role of family in your Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness-daily health tips

Behind the successful growth of an individual lies the support of a family. A family can be a group of individuals  who are either related to you by blood or the ones you provide all the right kind of support to lead this life. Family give you the emotional, financial  and moral support; apart from nurturing your growth as an individual, giving you the love you need and the faith to trust blindly. Here are some of the reasons to believe why it’s a blissful life to have a familyRead More

Best quotes in the movie – Pursuit of happyness

Best quotes in the movie - Pursuit of happyness

There are rare films which continue to be our source of inspiration in both good and bad times. Pursuit of Happyness is one such film which has immortalized the beautiful relationship shared by a father and a son. One can learn so much about life from the struggle of the father and the sweetness with which he deals with the role of a parent. Here are some of the memorable quotes from the film, which can have a profound impact on our lives… “You got a dream… You gotta protectRead More