Saturday, September 27th, 2014


What is Group Health insurance and its benefits?

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As the name suggest, Group Health Insurance is the insurance that covers a group of people, usually who are professionals or employees of a common group in a society.  In today’s competitive environment which is driven by a lot of challenges – health is the utmost priority of an individual. Group Health solutions are provided by esteemed companies to employees where the family members can work at the best level to the employees. Basic characteristic of a group health insurance Other than the purpose of obtaining insurance, the group ofRead More

What is happiness?

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Man is a pleasure seeking individual. It is in our very nature to seek happiness and to think for the best of our pursuits in life. However, the question that each individual must ask himself or herself is that what is happiness? Is it the delusional world that we are living in where material comfort of life comprises of happiness? Or is something that is to be pursued beyond the realms of constituted norms of society which everyone thinks is “happiness”. Time and again, as we grow in life andRead More