August, 2014


Top 5 Medical Destinations in the World

Medical tourism

If you are seeking a medical treatment  and you do not know which place to go to, here are some of the fascinating medical destinations that you can go for, which is budget friendly and it provides more than what you can expect. As a medical tourist,  you must look out for a place which offers you the quality environment, food and hygienic shelter to make the best out of the trip. Thailand:  Bangkok is considered to be one of the top emerging destinations for medical travel. Every year ThailandRead More

Is your kitchen clean?

like clean kitchen?

Being neat and clean is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from germs. Basic habits such as washing hands and flossing our teeth help us to keep away from viruses. But do you know that kitchen place should also be kept neat. We being unclean also trouble others and it results in discriminating from our social contacts. Kitchen is said to be center of the home and unfortunately it gets dirty very quick. Kitchen cleanliness is also as important as personal hygiene to stay healthy. Folks! Don’tRead More

Avoid these for Bon Appetit

Bon - Appetit

Even the most successful cook screws up in the kitchen once in a while cooking. Making the delicious dish is a common and easiest thing in today’s world, but making it healthy is a task. Here are some few mistakes we do every day unknowingly. Deep frying Though fried foods are tempting to eat, it is not a good sign for healthy. Deep frying increases the fat content every time you eat them. Especially oils used in restaurants are hydrogenated, which are high in trans-fat. If we keep aside deepRead More

5 simple ways you can maintain your body at work

stay fit in office

For a workaholic, investing in health is the topmost priority. Ultimately, you can perform and do exceedingly well in your workplace, when your mind and body is functioning properly. When you are healthy, your concentration level is increased, the body has the enough stamina to deliver good work on time. In case you are wondering how can you maintain your body at work, here are 5 easy and simple ways to try to be healthy at work Do no try to skip lunch. Try to eat light, but healthy lunchRead More

5 things to remember when buying a health insurance

Things to remember while buying health insurance

If you are planning to get a health insurance for yourself or your beloved ones, you must know about certain facts related to it. It will eventually help you make a wise decision on the policies and offers on various health insurance facilities. While there are many banks claiming to give the best of the insurance plan to the user, it is ultimately the fine judgement of the individual which will help him/her select a suitable health insurance plan. Here are the top 5 things that you must remember whenRead More

I love coffee because it is healthy…What’s your reason? :-)

I love

This is one of my favorite topics to write. Coffee!! I just love it and make me feel happy. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of the world. And I think my day is not complete without drinking coffee in the morning. Coffee has a very interesting history; people have been consuming coffee for past 600 years. It’s relaxing. Being relaxed, itself is the sign for good health. And moreover, more relaxation comes when you enjoy it more for the ritual and taste. I personally like brewing upRead More

Are you traveling alone…? Here are few things to remember

Travel alone safely

Traveling alone can be a liberating experience which is healthy for both the body and the mind. It enriches an individual with new memories of life and makes him/her a stronger person to adapt to any situation of life. However, solo traveling also calls for a lot of responsibilities and the need to take care of your health. Follow these crucial safety measures that will ensure you a safe and adventurous traveling experience. Research on the destination: First of all, research on the destination before the department pays special attentionRead More

Screen games may improve concentration – But is is harmful

A study came out in 2011 said that games have a large impact on child’s moral thinking. It also proved that how violent the characters in the game would be, that violently the child reacts. Earlier, children used to play actively in parks and grounds. It provides physical as well as mental growth to the child. And also capable to win any hurdles in their lives. But now, children are restricted to their tabs and laptops. This is not only the case in children but also in grown-ups. This makesRead More

Stay healthy with swapping foods


The modern lifestyle is making us to gain weight easier. Overweight does not only related about the way we look but also it creates many problems like aches, pains which causes trouble to our routine life. Lose weight and stay healthy without giving up your taste for food. One of the best things to do is to swap you favorites with the similar foods. Here I provide simple ways to do for healthier choices. Fruit Vs juice It is easier and comfortable to drink than to eat, but it isRead More

Find good healthy food in Subway…Here is more!

most healthy subs at Subway

Subway has famed for its healthy fast food chain. It is a “go-to” outlet anytime to have lunch or just for some snacks. Moreover, it completes three impossible things together- Good, Fast and Cheap. We may tried many subs which are available in the subway centers. But how can you know which is healthy and which contain low fat. Here is the information of some of the foods which are healthy. Veggie Delight Sub Let us start with vegetable sub, because vegetable is said to be healthier than meat. ItRead More